Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas For One

Dining alone for Thanksgiving this year?  So am I.  And I shall enjoy my Thanksgiving Dinner to the max with my girl, Susie, a Portuguese water dog.

My Thanksgiving dinner menu depends on how I feel and is often based on one of three basic menus that I follow or alter.  Here are the three menus to inspire you.  Follow a menu or make a substitution with your own favorites. Most important is to just have fun!!   

Bake A Tasty Juicy Rock Cornish Hen

Many years ago, in place of turkey I started alternating winter holiday dinners with rock Cornish hens.  The Cornish hens tasted, well, okay--just okay but sometimes even dry.  One year, I started basting the hens in the run-off juices of the butter and the hen.  To my amazement, they were best rock Cornish hens I had ever cooked.  

The Making of Small Cheese And Meat Boards

Beautiful cheese boards with their abundance of food items, color and textures are visual feasts.  You just wants to dive in and taste as many flavors as possible.  Such cheese boards are very large and relegated only to be enjoyed by a large group of people for special occasions. 

I make cheese and meat boards for guests or when I need something to take to a party.  But I also make them when I don't feel like cooking and just want to relax and munch.  Sometimes I make a cheese board when I want to make myself feel special. The making of a small cheese and meat board is easier than you may think.

Spiced Butternut Squash with Creme Fraiche

Butternut squash is the sweeter of all of the winter squashes.  It is wonderfully versatile vegetable in that it can be baked, braised, mashed, roast, steam and even as a tempura-fry.  And it is really is easy to cook.  Yes, it is a vegetable but its sweetness also lends it to being served as a dessert.

Side dish or dessert?  Call it what you may, this spiced butternut squash delivers flavors for both with its brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.  A shot of bourbon bumps up the flavor without the mood altering effect. Then top the spiced butternut squash with crème fraîche for a cool, mildly sour taste.

Making Stuffed Pasta Shells for One

First, making stuffed pasta shells for one does follow a full recipe for more than one.  The magic, trick or just being smart and economical is to freeze some of it in multiple containers.

I made a prosciutto, spinach and cheese stuffed jumbo pasta shell.  A larger dish is made to share with a friend or simply have leftovers.  Then two smaller containers are filled with the pre-baked stuffed pasta shells and placed in the freezer.

Roasted Garlic Parmesan Bread

There was a time when I purchased a rather popular brand garlic bread.  After a time, the size of the garlic bread kept getting smaller and smaller while the price inched up.  Frustration and anger got the best of me and I decided to learn how to make my own garlic bread.

So I now purchase long roles that require just popping it into the oven for less than 10 minutes. I make a compound butter with roasted garlic and parmesan.  The roasted garlic is sweet and mild versus the pungent, strong raw garlic

How To Roast Garlic Bulbs

This recipe post is about how to roast garlic bulbs and just some of the myriad of ways to enjoy roasted garlic in your favorite cuisines. 

Never tried roasted garlic?  It is a treat.  Roasted garlic is sweet and mild, unlike its raw version that can be pungent.  And if you are not careful when using raw garlic, you may find yourself alone due to broadcasting bad breath.

Crab Cake Lite

Crab Cake Light pushes the crab meat front and center.  Supporting flavors include just a touch of light sour cream, flat-leaf Italian parsley, minced yellow bell pepper and salt to suit your taste.  Remember, salt brings out the flavor of the crab meat.  Panko breadcrumbs and an egg keeps the crab meat together.  Patties are formed and then chilled in the refrigerator.  Finally a pat of butter sits on each pattie and baked in the oven.

Sausage Beans Roasted Vegetable Soup

What makes this sausage, beans and roasted vegetable soup so delicious?  Red bell peppers, tomatoes and garlic are roasted, then blended with a vegetable broth and seasoned with a herb bouquet garni--creating a beautifully rich yet subtle flavor-filled soup base.  Sweet Italian sausage and a Vidalia onion add a layer of sweetness and texture along with cannellini beans.