Hi, I'm Shirley

Welcome to my blog, anns-liee food photography and recipes.  I'm happy to tell you a little about myself.  

In short, I'm a food photographer who loves to cook!

For Starters . . . 

I guess I should tell you that I'm retired.   All the propaganda for retirees say I should be traveling or volunteering, playing golf or bridge or some other funny stuff.  I've done lot's of volunteering:  two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the The Gambia, West Africa; 5-1/2 years as volunteer master gardener (in three different eastern states); reading tutor and more.  I've been fortunate enough to have traveled so much, I couldn't stand packing another suitcase!  But for the rest of those "retiree" activities, well, that's just not me.

I fell into food photography by way of writing on my other blog about downsizing and living in an apartment.  I thought it cool to share classic recipes I cook in my now small apartment kitchen.

What kind of cook am I?

Many recipes I learned as an "assistant" in my grandmother's kitchen.  She was a southern woman who had moved to the northern mid-west looking for work and a better life.  Some recipes I created inspired by classic American dishes.  Yet other dishes I recreated or rather altered from my travels through other countries and experiencing other cultures.  

So don't be surprised if you find my grandmother's recipe for collard greens and corn bread, then find my alternate version of the French classic pepper filet mignon flambé.  I love that version but sometimes I prefer Pepper Filet Mignon with flambé Butter Sauce.

My one requirement for sharing my recipes was to use my own images as illustrations.  That decision opened a door that, like a trip in Alice In Wonderland, led me to food photography--and a whole new exciting world