Dr. Jon Kiev – Practicing Thoracic Surgery to Benefit Patients


A thoracic surgeon like Dr. Jon Kiev is a surgeon who specializes in the organs of the thorax. These include the heart, lungs and esophagus (tube leading to the stomach), as well as blood vessels, lymph nodes, rib cage, diaphragm and spine. Thoracic surgeon, specializing in the treatment of diseases that involve the thoracic cavity, including lungs, esophagus and heart.

A thoracic surgeon is a surgeon who performs surgeries on the chest, and other parts of the body. They are doctors who specialize in performing surgery on the chest, including the lungs and heart. They perform a wide variety of both medical and surgical procedures including minimally invasive surgeries which use small incisions to make it easier for the patient to recover from their operation.

As a thoracic surgeon, they perform surgery on a wide variety of conditions that affect the lungs and other chest organs. Conditions that these surgeons treat include lung cancer and disease, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chest trauma, coronary artery disease (coronary artery bypass surgery or heart valve repair or replacement), thoracic aortic aneurysm repair, interventional bronchoscopy and lobectomy.

Having Cardiothoracic Problem?

They are a group of leading thoracic surgeons specializing in cardiothoracic surgery, pulmonary disease and sleep medicine. A thoracic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the chest, including surgery. A surgeon uses different tools to repair or remove damaged tissue and organs in the chest. A thoracic surgeon is a Dr. Jon Kiev who treats diseases and disorders of the chest (thorax), including the lungs, heart and esophagus. This type of surgery is also called cardiothoracic surgery.

Focused on the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic diseases, these physicians are dedicated to providing their patients with the best possible care. They’re thrilled to be committed to medical education and research, with a focus on the thoracic surgery. They represent the highest level of medical expertise, when advanced diagnostics and treatment plans are required.