Harnessing the Forces of Nature with Raatijaga



Raatijaga is an old spiritual training that has been passed down for generations. Caused by Western African practices, the practice mixes ancestral intelligence and ritualistic elements to create a potent way of connecting with one’s faith based self. The ingredients of the training may be split up into three categories—rituals, beliefs, and techniques. Let’s investigate what each one of these suggest in greater fine detail.


Raatijaga rituals are sacred rituals that are utilized to create a area for serious connection with spirit. These rituals involve symbolic elements such as getting rid of sage, incense, and candles, and also products including foods or plants. With these choices, we have the ability to respect our ancestors and ask their guidance within our life. Rituals also can include chanting or singing music of prayer or admiration. They could be carried out alone or in a team environment based on the individual’s demands and tastes.


The thinking linked to Raatijaga revolve around the concept that everybody has an internal power source that is certainly linked to our higher selves and our ancestors. This source of energy is referred to as “Raati” in Western African ethnicities and works as a information for people like us throughout life’s journey. It is actually considered that by attaching to this particular source of energy through rituals, we are able to obtain clarity about our lifestyle trails, get power during challenging occasions, and be reminded of our function in your life.


Raatijaga techniques are special techniques individuals use to engage making use of their religious vitality each and every day. These practices may include meditation or journaling in order to connect with one’s interior sound, engaging in creative routines for example piece of art or dancing to express feelings without words and phrases, or performing intentional conversations with family to strengthen relationships. Finally, the goal would be to enhance a feeling of peace within oneself by paying attention deeply and honoring others as you go along.


At its primary, Raatijaga is definitely an old training which may serve as an invites for individuals of most backgrounds to explore their faith based selves via ritualistic ceremonies and every day mindfulness actions. By connecting with the inner soul via this training we can easily gain lucidity about our objective in life whilst getting strength during challenging instances along the experience in advance. For those who are considering being familiar with Raatijaga there are several sources available which include books written by practitioners devoted to discussing their information on the subject! Explore these sources these days to get more understanding of this effective faith based practice!