Jordan Sidoo – Leaving a Legacy of Generosity


Mr. Jordan Sidoo is an athlete during his student years and Co-Founder of his own tech company. He also serves as an intern with AIIMS Modern Facility Management, where he helps keep infrastructure in good working order.
Jordan Sidoo is also an active participant in his school’s Science Olympiad, chess club, and robotics team. Mr. Sidoo volunteers in his community by tutoring young adults with disabilities and serving at homeless shelters. He is the co-Founder of his own tech company and was a finalist in the 2019 Dell Social Innovation competition. He also actively volunteers with Make-a-Wish Foundation where he helps children who are ill to create “wish lists” that they could use as inspiration for their lives after the treatments.
Mr. Jordan Sidoo is the Co-Founder of his own tech company and a student athlete at Western University. Mr. Sidoo is passionate about using technology to improve peoples’ lives, especially those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. He is the Co-Founder of his own tech company, Sidoo Solutions. He discovered his passion for entrepreneurship at a young age. As a child, he constantly found himself surrounded by friends who would gather together to build websites or automate their social media accounts. It wasn’t until a high school science teacher awarded him for some cool C++ code that he realized his passion could be cultivated into something great.
His Passion for Sports and Technology
He believed that everyone has the power to do great things and make a difference in the lives of others. As a student athlete and Co-Founder of his own tech company, Mr. Sidoo is an accomplished young man who demonstrates initiative and drive to succeed. He is a student athlete who also helps others learn to program. He is a Co-Founder of his own tech company, where he works on everything from data visualizations and machine learning to intelligent web applications and tools for other programmers.
He enjoys staying physically active and has gained valuable skills in computer science and programming throughout his education. From learning to code at the age of 13, to founding his own startup while still in college, Mr. Sidoo’s life experiences have provided him with the necessary tools to succeed in both athletics and business.
Sidoo is a student athlete and entrepreneur with a passion for growth. He co-founded his own tech company when he was 18 years old, has been recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs under 21 by the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), and has raised over $2.2M for his startup. Sidoo currently studies Computer Science at University of Toronto.