Thanks to David Woroboff, exponential growth in telephone inquiries can be observed


The digital transformation in recent times inevitably leads to a new style of accessing healthcare. In this sense, remote care using digital systems is of great importance in caring for patients far from the means of primary and specialized care.
David Woroboff is an information strategist and specialist managing new tools for data organization and generating new business for operational excellence.
This has allowed more and more people to be in favor of digitization, whose advantages have also gradually become part of telemedicine, understood as reinforcement in patient care, thanks to the fact that they allow the identification of the patient’s profile, response questions to the user and, if necessary, refer to a medical specialist.
To a greater or lesser extent, telemedicine continues to gain space in medical services, and specialists like David Woroboff have ensuring this happens. This way, a modern system that offers patients access to the health system, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment through digital assistance is managed.

has made big changes

Patients feel empowered with new ways to get care at their convenience and are moving forward with the expectation that, in the future, virtual care will be as simple as managing other services that are now more accessible than ever before.
For David Woroboff, it is a new digital scenario that changes the healthcare paradigm and makes it possible to establish new relationship formulas between healthcare professionals and patients based on the versatility and ease of access offered by digital technology.
Many variables have made it possible to generate great changes in the relationship between doctor and patient, all forced by the necessary sanitary measures. Due to these advances, today, the exponential growth of telephone consultations and other telemedicine tools can be observed.

For home health care

David Woroboff has the skills and experience to bring the potential of telemedicine to several areas, enabling patients to receive care at home and ensuring they receive the right care, diagnosis, and treatment at the right time.