The legislator D.J. Bettencourt is wise and open to the changes that society experiences


The legislator is the maker of the laws, and he must ensure that they are straight and fulfilled. In this sense, the legislator must be: understood to know how to share the right of one-eyed, and there be no shame in changing and amending his laws when he understands or shows him the reason why he should do it; That the one that I have to straighten and amend the others, that he knows how to do it as well as when he errs.
Thus he must be by nature the maker of laws because they have been invented for the good of citizens, conservation of cities, tranquility, and well-being of all. Therefore, it is seen that the word law, properly understood, contains the purpose and the need to legislate what is just and right.
And, since the positive law is the work of the human being, it will never be perfect, but it will always be perfectible; therefore, the legislator DJ Bettencourt is wise and open to the changes that society experiences to incorporate them promptly and prudently into the essential laws. To preserve the balance between the collective good and the good of individuals.

A transparent person

DJ Bettencourt is an important factor in the creative process of the legal norms that regulate; he is a manager, an attorney for the well-being of the people he represents, taking into account that, although it is true that formally it is primarily due to the nation, it is also due to the district or constituency where he was elected.
Doctor D.J. Bettencourt is a key element in the functioning of the representative regime and the nerve center of political life. Parliamentary reform is the only possible remedy against the deadly disease of bad government.
As a transparent politician, he has no secrets regarding his administration. He knows how he manages public money and the processes he carries out. Each of the citizens is aware of his work.

A politician with total credibility

It is useless to be one of the countries that grow the most economically if it does not care about those most in need. Poverty, lack of education, and employment are factors, for example, that he D.J. Bettencourt has as a priority. What remains in the memories are the consistent changes. As a politician, he fulfills what he promised one day, so he does not lose credibility.