The task of Dr. Francene Gayle is to understand the nature of the disease and to understand the patient


A well-trained family doctor like Dr. Francene gayle is key to effective change in health services at the first level of care. She is the best possible operator for a new health system many countries want today.
Family medicine, because it is an integrative discipline, the field of action is not limited to a particular organ or system but to the globality and context of the different health situations that can occur throughout a person’s life.
Because family medicine is a specialty that crosses medicine transversally, Dr. Francene Gayle is prepared to work as a team and coordinate her patients’ health care, taking into account the competencies and responsibilities of other health professionals such as specialists doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, and nutritionists.
Her task is to understand the nature of the disease, the patient, and the meaning that the disease has for him. Family medicine and its current boom have put on the table the importance of reconnecting with the type of doctor-patient relationship.

A very empathetic professional

For Dr. Francene Gayle, the agenda that patients bring to the consultation is just as important as the one she develops as she listens to what they tell her. A good doctor-patient relationship shares these agendas to work with short, medium and long-term objectives, understanding that there may be emergencies and that the health system is not available only when we get sick; there is no need to worry, but to take care of it and what better than with a professional who provides peace of mind.
Dr. Gayle is characterized by her aptitudes related to empathy, interest, leadership, and professionalism. She has the skills and knowledge to ensure comprehensive and continuous care for each family member.

Establish a bond of trust

The mutual knowledge built over time between the patient and Dr. Francene gayle generates a bond of trust and respect that constitutes one of the most powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tools used by this specialist in family medicine.